Humanitarianism and the Migration Crisis

By Tom Scott-Smith, Hernan del Valle, Ioanna Kotsioni, Sean Healy and Sandrine Tiller, Hakim Chkam, Aurélie Ponthieu and Andrea Incerti, Ali Hassan and Linn Biörklund

"Humanitarianism and the Migration Crisis" is a collection of articles reflecting on the experiences of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as we grapple with the implications of the global refugee ‘crisis’. The articles are published in Refugee Survey Quarterly (OUP) in the latest issue (Volume 35 Issue), June 2016. This issue has been made temporarily freely available and can be found online at

Summary of the issue:

Over the past years hundreds of thousands of people have moved from Africa and the Middle East to Europe, generating widespread media attention and considerable political wrangling. For aid workers, this situation raises questions that get to the very heart of humanitarianism and its purpose in the contemporary world. How does an organization like MSF, the pioneer of “sans-frontierism”, engage with the shifting politics of borders and migration? What does it mean to be a “borderless” organization in a world where migration controls through borders are such a big political issue? What are the implications of the refugee crisis for humanitarian principles and medical care?