MSF closed its projects in Laos in 2013.

Activities  2013 International Activity Report


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) stopped working in Laos in December 2013.

In 2011, MSF decided to launch a programme to provide obstetric and neonatal support and paediatric care for children under five, in five district hospitals and 10 health posts in Huaphan province, northeastern Laos. The aim was to reduce infant mortality, as well as the number of deaths during pregnancy and childbirth, and an MSF team worked with the hospitals and health centres of XiengKhor, Sop Bao, Ett, Xamtai and Kuan districts. Mobile medical clinics reached some of the most remote and disadvantaged communities in the province, and MSF worked to improve laboratory and pharmacy facilities in the area, as well as water, electricity and sanitation infrastructure.
The team found that low patient attendance rates, the scattered nature of the health facilities in the province, and the difficulties in recruiting qualified Lao staff and importing the necessary drugs meant that goals were not met and expected outcomes for training medical staff and treating patients were not reached. The decision was made not to continue the programme beyond the end of the year.

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No. staff in 2013: 46. MSF first worked in the country in 1989.

Finances  2013 International Financial Report

Concept In thousands of €
Programmes 1026
Indirect supply costs 15
Field-related expenses 1041
Locally hired staff 203
International staff 452
Operational running expenses 41
Medical and nutrition 88
Logistics and sanitation 55
Transport, freight and storage 186
Training and local support 1
Consultants and field support 1
Private and public institutional grants -
Others -
Concept In thousands of €
Public institutional income 6
Funding of field-related costs 1041
Private and other income 1034
ECHO and EU institutions -
Danish Agency for Development Assistance (DANIDA) 6
EU governments 6
Non-EU European governments -
North American governments -
Other governments -
UN institutions -
Staff information
Concept In full-time equivalents
Field positions 46
National staff 37
International staff 9


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