Latest info – October 2017: MSF provides support in tackling plague outbreak

In October and November 2017, MSF supported Madagascar’s Ministry of Health staff in tackling an outbreak of plague.  

The port city Tamatave (also known as Toamasina), on the eastern coast of Madagascar, had the largest concentration of plague cases after the capital, Antananarivo. We arrived there in October to help set up and manage a plague triage and treatment centre. Our work focused on boosting hygiene and infection control measures in and around the centre, training medical staff, conducting health promotion activities in the community, and improving patient triage systems.

By November, the outbreak was under control and our team started to wind down its activities in Tamatave.

MSF has worked on and off in Madagascar since 1987, responding to natural disasters and filling gaps in healthcare. Find out about our activities in Madagascar in 2016.


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